Continuing Education to Advance Web Archiving (CEDWARC)

Supported by the IMLS LB21 program, the CEDWARC project develops a continuing education curriculum and teaches library and archive professionals advanced web archiving and analysis techniques. We will offer one in-person training workshop and multiple online training workshops throughout the project period. Details about the project.

Online Workshop

Workshop Outline

The workshop offers advanced training to working library and archive professionals. The training modules are customized to the knowledge and skill levels of the intended audience and can be integrated into their job responsibilities, as well as prepare them for future library and archive service developments.

Built on the Web Archiving Fundamentals module, participants will be taken on a problem-solving tour through five additional modules, including Storytelling, Social Feed Manager, ArchiveSpark, Archives Unleashed, and Events Archiving, as shown in Figure 1. Facilitators of the workshop include web archiving experts and tool developers from Virginia Tech, Los Alamos National Lab, Old Dominion University, George Washington University, the Internet Archive, and the University of Waterloo.

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The goals of this project are to 1) train library and archive professionals to effectively use innovative web archiving tools to answer research questions and as a result, 2) enable new web archiving services based on these tools. Through a planning meeting and follow-up collaborations, the project team will produce a project- and problem-based curriculum for advanced web archiving training. It consists of approximately 6 course modules and associated training plans, covering a wide range of web archiving tools. Through the training, participants will gain better understanding of web archiving, and be able to effectively use advanced tools to answer research questions.


Virginia Tech

Zhiwu Xie and Edward A Fox

Los Alamos National Lab

Martin Klein

Old Dominion University

Michael Nelson

George Washington University

Daniel Kerchner

Internet Archive

Helge Holzmann

University of Waterloo

Ian Milligan


Virginia Tech

Julie Griffin

University of Minnesota

Matthew Weber

University of North Texas

Jiangping Chen


Anna Perricci


zhiwuxie at vt dot edu

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